Victorian Day

Did you enjoy the Victorian Day Year 2? I know the staff did! What was your favourite bit? Playing with the Victorian toys??? Copperplate joinmed up writing??? or ‘Technical drawing’??? IMG_0212[1]You all looked fabulous and worked sooooo hard!

Piranha pool problem

The piranha pool was wicked!Iit was wicked because it taught us to work together and when you work together you can pretty much acomplish any thing you want to.
At first before we actually went into the room itself I felt a bit worried because nearly everyone was crying so that made me feel a bit worried but when we entered the room I wasn’t scared because I believed that if we worked as a team we would complete it and we did with 3 minutes to spare. I was the one with the dragons eye, so everyone was relying on me to get across safely so I went second to last. We let the most worried people go first so they felt safe but James went last because he was feeling brave!
I really enjoyed Robinwoodand I wish I could go again.

Well done Year 2!

Well done Year 2 I had fantastic day with you making chocolates for our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme  for World Book Day.  You were all so well behaved and polite and came up with some yummy new recipes for chocolates! I hope you enjoyed sharing them with your families or did you eat them all yourselves?!