Do you know that when you learn about the tudor times you first  watch a video clip about horrible history. To learn about the tudors is really really FUN ! The horrible history clip is really funny as well.

I like Crowlees because…

I love crowlees because everyone gets along well most of the time. It is one of the best schools in England I think. I really enjoy it! All the staff are really nice and take care of us and our assemblies are really interesting and I like it when Catherine comes in. All the teachers give really interesting lessons. I LOVE CROWLEES SO MUCH!!! HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE CROWLEES?


Today on the netbooks me and my friend Freddie put together a powerpoint about fairtrade. He went a bit crazy at the end because he put millions of smiley faces on the thankyou for watching page! Anyway we did about cocoa beans and what fairtrade means. I thought ours was good bercause we had lots of information and used capital letters and full stops correctly.